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Try Unishim and eliminate device installation issues forever.

UniShim The 6-32 model can be used with all devices including Receptacles, GFCI, Dimmers and Dacora style. Provides fully adjustable mechanical positioning and fastening for Precise, sturdy and long-lasting Installations.

UniShim is a remedy to wall board overlap issues frequently encountered installing Receptacles and switches.

UniShim can be installed on all receptacle and switch installations on building projects. Providing a higher quality installation and reducing call backs. Elevate your professionalism and workmanship with UniShim.

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UniShim Benefits

UniShim Fasteners Remedy all Issues Encountered Using Outdated Wall Board Overlap Method
Overlap Not Possible

Drywall is cut too far from wall box and device overlap isn’t possible

Wall Board Breaks

Tamper resistant receptacles caving in due to extreme plug-in force results in drywall breaking  

Cover Plate Miss Alignment

Compromised overlap results in miss aligned cover plate

Loose Devices

Device loosens over time and moves side to side  

Customer Call Backs

Overlap issues result in customer call backs, reputation diminished and monetary loss

UniShim 6-32 Features

UniShim 6-32 Is A Universal Shimming Fastener For Receptacles & Switches Providing Perfect Long Lasting Installations Every Time

All Wall Devices

Use UniShim 6-32 on all types of receptacles and switches

Project Types

Use on Residential and Commercial Projects


UniShim can be reused and readjusted multiple times

Project Applications

Use on new construction, renovation/rewiring projects or overlap failure repairs

UniShim Model 832 Installation

UniShim Model 632 Installation Instructions


Don't just take our word for it...

I want to use UniShims on every device and fixture in every house we build

Worked great when I used it to remedy overlap issues