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Electrical Improvement Products LLC is a product innovation company. We currently have a Universal Shimming Fastener for electrical devices and light fixtures. There are 3 Models of our Fastener, the 6-32 model used for device mounting, currently in production and available. Our soon to be released 8-32 model used for light fixture mounting and 10-32 model for ceiling fan mounting. Our fasteners will set a new standard for electrical device and fixture installations. The UniShim Fastener is fully Patented with 25 Patent Claims in both U.S. and Canada. Our Product name UniShim is Trademarked in U.S. and Canada.

Company Objective: Currently establishing Independent Reps throughout the US and Canada. Ultimately, licensing the Unishim Patent with National Distributors and Manufacturers.

Founder/President: Robert Jack, Contact: rjack@electricalimprovement.com

Product Design & Development: Robert Jack and Gary Dimas

National Sales Manager: Charles Ash, Contact: AshIndustries@msn.com

Company: Electrical Improvement Products LLC

Product Type: Universal Shimming Fastener for Electrical  Devices and Fixtures

Product Brand: UniShim®

Patents: U.S.Patent No. 9859696, 10291006, 11011899 

Can. Patent No. 2,988,173